The AIVP Story

Our story begins with Mark Lillig, a Californian filmmaker.

Inspired by the great filmmakers such as Kubrick, Speilberg, and Coppola, he began shooting movies on Super 8 film at age 7.

As a teenager, Mark branched out into working on music videos and movies.

In 2019, he decided to form a new company to provide the services of professional photography and videography, Advertising Internet Video Productions (AIVP).

Unlike competitors, AIVP never uses amateur equipment and cell phones because the end result of these things do not create the best first impression when customers visit a website.

In 2021, AIVP expanded its services to individuals and special events.

Today, the company continues to provide a reputation of quality and professionalism for its clients through outstanding camera work, lighting, sound, writing, editing, and producing.

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Mark R. Lillig, President

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