The AIVP Story

Our story begins with Mark Lillig, a Californian filmmaker.

Inspired by the great filmmakers such as Kubrick, Speilberg, and Coppola, he began shooting movies on Super 8 film at age 7.

As a teenager, Mark branched out into working on music videos and movies.

In 2019, he decided to form a new company to fill a market need, Advertising Internet Video Productions (AIVP).

AIVP utilized the experience of industry professionals through bringing the right people in on a per project basis.

The goal of this company was to produce unusually high-quality digital video products for advertising needs.

Industries serviced includes: Medical, Aerial, Retail, Food, and Automotive.

Commercials were always shot live and on-location with human emotion at the core. No stock footage was ever used.

This custom approach imparted an authenticity that viewers could feel and remember.

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